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Multimedia Production Experience

Space Epoch Productions has over 15+ years of experience within the Multimedia Technology Industry: Space Epoch Productions has INDEPENDENT EXPERIENCE in the following:

  • In-Studio Television Production Programming

  • PRO Single DIGITAL Camera Production for Independent Films

  • A+ Certification Knowledge and Computer Terminology

  • Multimedia Computer Programming

  • Multimedia Computer Technology

  • MIDI Mapping Programming-MIDI Learn Programming

  • Independent Music Video Production & Digital Video Editing                                                  

  • Internet Networking & HTML Knowledge                                                                                

  • Independent Website Development                                                                                                 

  • Single Digital Camera Production & Storyboard Script Writing 

  • 3-Key Lighting                                                                                                                               

  • ENG & EMG Productions

  • Music Technology

  • EDM Theory Elements                                                                                                           (Example: 4 BEATS = 1 BAR & 8 BARS = 1 PHRASE) 

  • PRO EDM Production Performances 

  • PRO Digital EDM Recordings

  • PRO Digital Music Recordings

  • PRO Digital DJ MUSIC Production Performances
  • PRO Digital DJ MUSIC Recordings                                                                 


History about Space Epoch Productions

Space Epoch Productions developed from an Independent MUSIC TV Program that aired 3/4" Independent Music Videos, which were FELIX THE HOUSECAT-Silver Screen (Emperor Norton Records), LADYTRON-Seventeen (Emperor Norton Records), AIR (Astralwerks Records), Basementt Jaxx, Chemical Brothers, 808 State and many other repected EDM Videos: The name of my Independent MUSIC TV Program was called "Universal Underground", which aired from Comcast - TIME WARNER (CH. 24).  Comcast - TIME WARNER (Ch. 24) was a Public Access Television Station that airs to over 300,000+ viewers with the Greater West Los Angeles region and is located on 900 Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028. The year was 1999, I had a vision and a dream for the youth that was tired of the manipulation techniques that was being portrayed by MAINSTREAM MEDIA: As an Independent TV Host/Independent Music Video Producer-Director, I was feeling that citizens within society were not getting the correct representation within the e-music media. The youth was tired of the politcal tension that was being over powered by the political machine that was corrupting the media. So, I decided to form an Independent Multimedia Production, which will e-revolutionize the masses by producing and promoting underground music media toward the youth, which includes Community College/University students within California. During this era, I also notice the underground music movement diminishing from it's urban grassroots, meaning, that most of the underground music being published throughout the globe was becoming the next commerical fad within the "mainstream" media.

As society reached the millennium in 2000, my way of thinking totally changed for a better challenge within the multimedia industry. My "Main Goal" was to provide an independent communications production that will continue to promote and produce "true" e-music/alternative bands, as well respected underground DJs that continue to rock the dance floors across the universe!

As you can imagine, society in 2000 was looking for major art movements and e-music revolutions! And through my experience within the multimedia industry, I believed my talent as a multimedia producer would make a great impact in society: From the knowledge, experience and righteousness I obtained in life, I was determined to fullfill my e-dream that many want in life.

1/2" VHS TV Program Demos on "Universal Underground" will be available on DVD FORMATS to E-DJ Associates, Independent Communications Agents, Independent Electronic Music Management Groups, CREATIVE MARKETING AGENCIES, Multimedia Production Companies, Sponsors and any other related Media Businesses and/or Independent Record Labels interested in being an Affiliate, Investor, an/or Associate for Space Epoch Productions.

Single Camera Productions

Space Epoch Productions video recorded the following major multimedia concert events and aired on "UNIVERSAL UNDERGROUND":


  • Urban Phenomenon-Date: Saturday, May. 29, 1999 - Location: Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, 3939 S. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA Description of Production: A major multimedia rave concert event with major Techno, hip hop, and underground DJ acts that performed from 7:00 pm - 5:00 am. This massive multimedia event was video recorded on an 8 mm Hi-Fi video tape and was used for Production Purposes Only. We video recorded 808 State, Derrick May, Felix The Housecat, Carl Cox, and other major name DJs that exist in the underground dance culture.

  • Rage Against the Machine-Location: Staple Center - Date: Democratic Convention PROTEST 2000. Description of Single Camera Production: Video Recorded the Democratic Protest on an 8 mm Hi-Fi video camera. Video recorded the protest with over 100,000+ protesters. I video recorded a "LIVE" performance of RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE. Who ever was there during this time, knows the "truth" about the Los Angeles Police Department: CLICK ON THE IMAGINARY YOUTUBE WEBLINK BELOW FOR FULL "LIVE" FOOTAGE:                                                                                                                           


    More multimedia production projects are being planned, so please stay posted on our website.



Manuel D. Mireles - Executive EDM Producer

SPACE EPOCH PRODUCTIONS (Internet Radio Programs)